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About Me

I have recently discovered my love of intuitive painting. I start with a word, feeling, memory, idea or emotion and marry that with my love of nature and all things natural and organic. Each abstract work expresses a feeling or emotion that I inscribe into the artwork, sometimes many times over many layers, sometimes only once in the first layer. 

Each mixed media work is built up of many layers. Sometimes the layers will completely disappear, sometimes you can see little traces left behind. I keep adding layer upon layer until I reach a point where I feel that the artwork is finished.

 I work mainly with acrylic paint but can include a variety of mixed media including pencil, oil pastel, dry pastel, collage, paint markers and china markers to create each unique piece.

I have been creating art for more than 40 years, mainly as a hobby, but now at this time in my life I am making art my full-time passion. Art is my reason to live, my everything, it feeds my soul and makes me happy. 

I love nothing more than hearing from the new owner of one of my works, that it has impacted their life in a positive way, that they love to have my work in their private home, office or workplace. It makes my day and fuels my passion to create more art.

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