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invented and licenced BetterBlocks which was very successful, despite the fact that when I started I had no idea what I was doing! I just wanted to license my product!


Now many years later, my passion is to help other inventors get the best licencing deals for their own inventions.


I'm offering a one on one zoom workshop, up to 2 hours in duration where I share with you my experiences, so you can avoid making 2 of the most common mistakes that many inventors make when licencing their products.


During this zoom workshop we will cover the following-

1. How I successfully licenced my invention, that had over        $45m in sales.

2. We will apply this knowledge to your invention to create     a plan of action you can implement after the workshop         ends.

3. Question time....ask me anything you like.


I will use fun visual aids and we’ll determine if there are any missing pieces in your plan to give you the best chance of forming a lucrative licencing deal.


All this for only 3 monthly interest free payments of US$59.97 ( A total of US$179.91)


Please click below to pay your first instalment and book a session time. Booking times will be shown in your local time zone

Have you invented a product that you would love to licence but you’re not sure how to get the best deal?

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